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Farming in an uncertain climate

Possible impact of climate change on rice production in the Gangetic West Bengal, India
Saon Bannerjee

Screening rice genetic resources for cold tolerance at different growth stages
Changrong Ye1, Shu Fukai1, Russell Reinke2, Ian Godwin1, Peter Snell2 and Jaya Basnayake1

Model-based analysis of maize plastic response to water stress for screening traits in improving breeding efficiency
Youhong Song1, Colin Birch1, 4, Shanshan Qu2, Jim Hanan3

Revising crop and architectural models of maize canopy development for rainfed cropping conditions
Youhong Song1, Colin Birch1, 4, Shanshan Qu2, Jim Hanan3

Using Modelling and Agronomy to Improve Reliability of Maize as a Rainfed Crop in Northern New South Wales and South Western Queensland
Colin Birch1,3, Kirsten Stephen1, Greg McLean2 and Graeme Hammer1

Modelling the effect of temperature, soil moisture and photoperiod on growth and development of bambara groundnut (Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.): BAMGRO model
Asha Karunaratne1, Sayed Azam-Ali1, Abu Sasey2, Hans Adu-Dapaah3 and Neil Crout1

Interactions between wheat varieties and fungicide applications in south-west Victoria
Chris Bluett1, Angela Clough1, Mick Keating1 and Gavin Kearney2

Interpolating leaf area index between destructive sampling dates using remote sensing in the Australian Grains Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (AGFACE) experiment
Glenn Fitzgerald1, Rob Norton2, Garry O’Leary1 and Mahabubur Mollah1

Nitrous oxide emissions from dry-land wheat in south-eastern Australia
Sally J. Officer1, Frances Phillips2, Roger Armstrong1, Kevin Kelly3.

The development of a model in APSIM for the simulation of grazing oats and oaten hay
Allan Peake1, Anthony Whitbread2, Bill Davoren2, Jeff Braun3 and Sarah Limpus4

Climate change – identifying the impacts on soil health in Victoria.
James Nuttall13, Roger Armstrong1 and Michael Crawford2

The Australian Grains Free Air Carbon dioxide Enrichment (AGFACE) experiment – specifications and scope
Rob Norton1, Mahabubur Mollah2, Glenn Fitzgerald3 and David McNeil4

Talking about the weather: APSIM, climate change and grain farmers on the Upper Eyre Peninsula, SA.
Bronya Alexander1, Peter Hayman1, Samantha Doudle2 and Nigel Wilhelm1

Managing in the face of uncertainty: is there anything farmers can learn from finance?
Ben Jones

Impact of Soil properties and Climate change on Nutrient Use Efficiency in Farmer’s Fields
RK Kaleeswari, P Devasenapathy, N Chellaiah and B Udhayakumar

Establishment and root morphology of eight diverse Lucerne populations in a low rainfall, South Australian, environment
Erica Marshall, Alan Humphries, Eric Kobelt, Trevor Rowe and Geoff Auricht

Dry matter production and partitioning in rice in response to elevated temperature
Estela M. Pasuquin1,2, Phil Eberbach1, Tanguy Lafarge2, Toshihiro Hasegawa3 and Len Wade1

Climate change risk assessment associated with wheat production systems in Southern NSW
Qunying Luo1 and Helen Fairweather1

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